Friday, April 19, 2013

600--or, Do I Have A Problem?

Yesterday I cracked the 600 sales mark in my Etsy shop. Which is wonderful, couldn't be happier. However, when I stopped to actually think about that I realized: good gods, that means that at some time or other, I have had 600 pieces of vintage lying around the house! And that is not counting the stuff I collect for myself and the stuff I haven't sold.

I started my store because I have this compulsion to thrift and I live in a 700 sq ft house. I realized I was never going to stop thrifting (are you crazy?) so I had to find some way to make it manageable. But---has it become more of an excuse to comb the 18 or so thrift stores that I regularly frequent (yes, 18, this area is ridiculous with thrift stores)? I remember a friend of my husband's gently suggesting to me that I may have a "hoarding" problem. "But," I protested weakly "I sell a lot of it!"

I have found myself worrying that if I don't go and buy the stuff it is going to be all gone some day and all that will be left in the thrift stores is Wallmart castoffs. Its my duty to buy 50s ceramic knickknacks, they won't be around forever!

Last summer I freaked out and had a 2 day garage sale with all the stuff that wasn't moving in the store. I had it priced dead cheap and I was even giving stuff away. At the end of the sale I had an entire small pickup full of stuff which I then took to the St Vincent dePauls thrift. I took photos of all of it and got a tax receipt. It felt good. Because its just stuff right?

Wait, who am I kidding? I'm a chronic thrifter and there is no cure. As long as I can make room by utilizing the principle of the great "wheel of stuff" I can justify it. Now wait til you see what I got on my last trip....;)


  1. Sometimes I wish I could be a hoarder, but I have a chronic "get sick of stuff and spontaneously throw it away" problem. Knick knacks have about a three month lifespan in my house.

  2. That's so funny - I feel the same way. How many times do I bring something home and say, "Well, I couldn't leave it, could I?".