Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thrift Therapy---She's Just a Devil Woman!


This has got to be one of my all-time coolest (hottest?) finds. A 1960s heat lamp box with a go-go devil girl!
I found this at a garage sale---I was just about to leave when I saw this poking out from behind something else. My jaw dropped. For 2 dollars it was mine, all mine.

                                                     Heat lamps are sexy, you see...

                                                Made in Salem, Massachusetts!

I am linking up with Wendy over at YoungHeart for the Weekly Thrift. and also Sir Thrift a Lot
What have you found lately?


  1. Very cool! Love the graphics on the box.

    & what have I found lately..? I went out today, 4 stores, just a 1989 Batman glass & a few vintage pictures in a photo album (one's a nude one). It looks like the thrifts took a week off from restocking the shelves. Or the seniors were in full force for seniors Tuesday!

    Thanks for linking up with Thriftasaurus!

  2. Was there still a lamp, or was it just the box? Either way it's really cool.

  3. There was a lamp Abby, but it was non-functional. Hopping over to follow you, btw :)

    Ha, Sir Thrift, my favorite thrift store also has a senior's Tuesday, and I can barely get in the door on those days. Its also the day they put out new stuff. It can get pretty hairy in there...

    1. I'm glad it doesn't get too crazy on Tuesdays when I go. I seem to always forget & always end up going to multiple thrifts on Tuesdays & it's always seniors day & they're always going really slow & buying cart fulls.

  4. Tilda, how devilish that it was made in Salem, Mass!!!!
    Great find! Looking at the photos is like having a time machine moment.