Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy---Cat-tastic!

You've probably guessed I like cats---a clue would be the big picture of my cat TigerBaby off to the right :)
I thought I would share some vintage cat items I have collected for this week's Weekly Thrift over at YoungHeart.
Do any of you remember Morris the Cat from those 70s/80s  9Lives cat food commercials? I was so tickled when I found this mug:

 Here is one of the hilarious commercials from 1978:

 This is a pair of 90s Avon salt n pepper shakers. I LOOOVE depictions of animals dressed up in people clothes. Its part of the reason I love The Wind in the Willows so much :)

Here is another pair of salt n pepper shakers I found just recently:

And a super kitschy cats-in-a-basket brooch that I purchased from one of my favorite thrifts,
 a charity for local children's causes which is staffed almost entirely by delightful, mostly retired elderly ladies:

I had to include this, my ultimate cat-themed find, a fantastic mid century swinging cats sculpture I found for 1.99 last year:

Be assured, I have many more cat themed vintage items, ha ha! But this is it for today :) Go on over to YoungHeart and check out what the other hunters have found.


  1. Helloooooo, fellow cat lover!!!
    Tiger Baby is just gorgeous! Not unlike my darling Humpers!
    Thank you for making yourself known! XXX

  2. Thanks Helga!
    I think Tiger Baby and Humpers would make a darling couple :)

  3. So many lovely new pets you got!
    I do remember the Morris commercials!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Okay, that Morris mug is just plain cool! Awesome finds (but especially Morris, lol). :)