Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring Equinox

   I love this time of year---today was rainy and windy and full of promise. I can smell the new shoots and the open flowers on the breeze. Yesterday I thrifted the lovely pair of photo clips you see above. I put pictures I cut out from magazines in them---I think they make good seasonal display pieces.

The forsythia is out in force. 

                                           My green hellebore is going crazy!

My peas are planted.

 And my cabbage!

Got the potatoes in as well, and some chives from starts.

Tiger Baby is supervising the construction of a new garden bed.

Did you ever plant something and then totally forget about it and then plant something else over it? I planted a bunch of pansies and then these crazy iris-like flowers sprang up through them in the same bed. I have a very dim memory of maybe planting these but I can't remember what they are. Love 'em, though!

Here is some other super easy stuff I'm going to plant. Nasturtiums are tasty! I love their slightly peppery flavor. I try to plant them every year. 
 This is the first time I will be growing "grass" for Tiger Baby from seed. She is very excited :)

Best Spring Wishes to you!

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  1. Spring is the time of nature to awake and bloom!
    You do have a super green thumb!