Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gazebo Dreams

As we edge towards warmer weather, my thoughts have been turning to pop-up backyard tents.  You see, dear viewers, I live in the city in a tiny, early 1900s cottage on a small, narrow piece of property. My house is the shrimp of the block and I am bounded on either side by 2 story behemoths. The folks in those houses just come out on their decks or look out their upper story windows and they can completely see into my backyard. And I'm a girl who likes to take a nap on my lounger in my yard---and sometimes I snore :) Also, I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to interact each and every time I go out into my backyard. Its my only sanctuary! So, a couple of years ago I saw this pop-up gazebo online and bam! Problem solved! I personalized it with a zigzag valance I found at the thrift store, and hung some vintage tablecloths on the sides. I also bought some ridiculously expensive new tulle netting to finish off the look.

Ahhh, it was a princess tent for secluded napping, and my cat loved it too! However, it died a terrible death at the end of the season last year when an overnight rainstorm caused water to collect on the roof and the resulting weight broke the structure beyond repair. Most of these temporary gazebos are for shade only.

So, I have begun combing the internet for a new gazebo. And I've been going crazy! There are some great structures out there. I would get this one from Home Depot if I could:

 But...I don't have 800.00.  I could try to build a more permanent structure out of wood, but then I couldn't move it around as easily. So I will probably get another cheaper one and decorate it like I did the last one.

I've started a gazebo board on Pinterest,  You could say I am obsessed!
Do you have a backyard sanctuary or a gazebo?


  1. Its ok to be obsessed with things that we want or that we like. I think that the more we think, research and concentrate on what you want somehow it helps the universe brings it to you.
    It may be a different kind of gazebo but you will get it.
    And I don't use my back porch; just like you I really don't like my neighbors watching what I'm doing (I do have a fence but its a wire kind and you can see right through it).

  2. That gazebo looks like something right out of a medieval fair! Love it!