Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bees, Screamers and Skirts

bee image from TheGrapicsFairy

Today was a lovely warm day. I drove past the swan area again (see here), but the swans were all gone.
Instead, there was a coyote in the middle of the pasture! I don't know if the swans left because of the coyote, or whether it was just time for them to move on, but I've gotta say, that is one happening pasture :).

The most exciting part of the day was when I decided to go to a thrift store in the next town over. I like to drive with the window down (even in winter--I'm a freak. Hey, I like fresh air!) and today was no exception. However, today a bee flew in through my window and started buzzing around the back of my head. I drive a very vintage pickup and the cab is only about 4 feet wide, so we were getting very close and personal. Taking some deep breaths, I found a place to pull over. I couldn't find the bee. I'm not allergic, but I also don't like stings, so I was in a quandry. Should I continue on to the thrift? Should I abort the mission and go home?

I decided to carry on.  I was ramrod straight, both hands on the wheel, nervously looking in my rear view mirror. I kept hearing a little "bzzzz" now and again. As I merged onto the main highway I kept having visions of having the back of my neck stung and wildly losing control of the pickup.

I got to the thrift, got out of the pickup and searched the cab as best I could, but no sign of the bee. Maybe it flew out again?

I went in the thrift and started my methodical shopping (I go through EVERYTHING, people!). My equilibrium was thrown off again by another patron of the store who periodically would shout out expletives. Okay, I thought, Tourettes perhaps? She looked fairly normal except for screaming out "F@#K" every now and again. The clerks were calmly going about their business.

Weird scenes in the goldmines, dear viewers. I think these two incidents caused me to buy something I normally wouldn't---a white lace skirt. I didn't even try it on. I think I have mentioned before that I wear a lot of black, and white hardly ever comes into the picture. Moss green, rust, yes, but never white. I carried it around the store for the 1 1/2 hours I was in there (screamers of "F@#K" do not deter me from my shopping) and ended up buying it for 6 bucks. The brand is Coldwater Creek so it probably cost 100.00 new.

Back in the pickup I drove home without incident. When I got home I tried the skirt on. Fits perfectly, looks great. It got me to thinking. Sometimes its good to be shook up, kept a little off kilter. Causes a person to stretch out a little in life, see something different. When we settle into the routines that we expect every day, our vision can narrow.

But I'll probably wear the skirt with these sandals just to keep a Tilda edge on things :)


  1. Maybe the bee just wanted a lift to the thrift store? That's probably why the other shopper kept screaming expletives, he/she was trying to wave away the bee!

  2. Now there is something I didn't think of---what would a bee be shopping for? Loud floral shirts? Honey pots?

  3. Despite all of nature animal invasion of your space (a cayote, a bee)you score some great finds.

  4. Ha ha, Ofelia! I would take a bee and a coyote over a person screaming swear words any day :)

  5. O, I am so pleased you weren't stung! Even if you aren't allergic, it's a most painful experience! A friend of my sisters once flipped down the sunshield when driving to find an enormous spider there. She crashed the car!
    Hurrah for not letting a little bee get in the way of thrifting.
    The skirt is lovely, and I feel a little inspired by the possible Tourettes and want to walk around saying F%&k all day!

  6. Your poor sister! What a shock!
    There are days, Helga, when I feel a bit Tourettes-ish myself, but I try to keep a reign on it in public. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about it :)

  7. The skirt is beautiful!!! I'm cracking up at your crazy experiences. :)