Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy: Vintage Textile Printing Block

A major find, dear viewers!  This rustic-looking item turned out to be an old,  possibly 19th century, textile printing block from India for printing designs onto bolts of fabric. I found it at a St Vincent dePaul thrift store. I actually looked at it, went and shopped around the whole rest of the store, and then finally went back and got it off the shelf. Lucky it was still there!

You can see that it has some very intricate carving:

It was 7.99, which was why I had hesitated to pick it up. Turns out it was a very good deal as this is a fairly large block at 8"x 8",  and comparable ones I have since seen on the internet can be quite expensive!

My friend paid the same amount, at a different store,  for the little block you see with it in the photograph.

A very good thrift therapy session indeed!

I am linking up with YoungHeart for the Weekly Thrift :)


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm now your newest follower! This is indeed a great find. I saw a collection of these at an estate sale once and they were expensive!

  2. Thanks, Marium! I'm your newest follower as well :) Here's to more great finds!

  3. Wowhhh, your blog is wonderful and your works is very beautiful, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.


  4. What a great find - it's really pretty!

  5. Tilda this is amazing and so worth the 7.99! Well done!
    Have a great weekend, Ofelia