Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy: A Very Deer Day!

Last week my mother-in-law took me to lunch and while we were out and about we came across a temporary thrift store set up in a storefront. This store was a money raiser for an organization building homes for people in the Dominican Republic. Since a friend of mine, who is a nurse,  is currently in the Dominican Republic with a volunteer medical team, I felt the need to stop in the store and see what they had. I was immediately struck by this wooden chair with a wonderful stencil of a deer and willow tree. As you can see,  the paint job is very worn. This sort of thing does not generally bother me---I appreciate a lived-in look. I am puzzled a bit by the chair though---it has these markings on the bottom:

My mother-in-law thought maybe the marks mean the item was in an auction. Although I am a seasoned thrifter, I have never once been to an auction. Do any of you know what these marks mean?

Regardless, I paid the 10 bucks they were asking for it and made for the door---that is, until I saw these beauties languishing in a pile of hardware in the corner:

Oh my stars, a pair of genuine deer antler candle holders! And a bargain at 7.00 for the pair. These can cost big bucks in an antique or home decor store. Big "bucks", ha ha, I made a joke and I didn't realize it!

Anyways, I figured I was "deer" enough at that point and left while I was still under the 20.00 mark, so a good day indeed.

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  1. Big bucks.... LOL! I've never been to an auction either... No clue what some of those numbers are but you definitely scored, though!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up! :)

  2. Tilda, thanks for helping The Dominican Republic by purchasing this items. I was born there but left early on and grew up in Puerto Rico.
    Mil Gracias,

  3. June 20 1974 is the date on the bottom- I presume that's the date of the original auction? Great scores!

  4. Ahh, and so possibly the chair is from a European source because they put the month number first on their dates. How interesting! I wonder what this chair's story is. Thanks for the comments, ladies :)