Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Great Swan Meet-n-Greet

Dear viewers, I have been driving by this pasture for a month or so now and I keep seeing this mass of white birds milling about on the green. At first I thought they were geese. Hmmm, I thought, that is a whole lotta white geese in one place. What's the deal? Finally I remembered to bring my camera with me (a new year's resolution I have been working on) and when I zoomed in on them I saw this:

Well holy moly, those aren't geese---they look like swans! After a consultation with the internet and a bird book I am inclined to think they are trumpeter or even tundra swans. I'm no ornithologist, so I'm just speculating. The ones you can see above with the darker heads, those are apparently juveniles. And, swans are in the goose family.

These guys have been gamboling about in this one pasture for several weeks now. When I mentioned it to a friend, his take on the situation is that its a big swan mating meet- n -greet. My bird book suggests these types of swans make their nests in March, so that would fit.

How delightful! And a definite sign of spring :)

SWAN UPDATE: a naturalist just told me that these are, indeed, tundra swans. Fabulous!


  1. That's just fascinating. I've spent time at the lake with a lot of geese but swans are something I don't know much about. Your pics are super.

  2. Thanks Judy, I just found out just a little bit ago that they are, indeed, tundra swans and that they come to the valley every year. I'm fortunate to have happened across them :)

  3. Beautiful creatures and great photos!
    Is always amazing to find out new things about the area where we live.

  4. How cool is that?! I pass by pastures/farms all the time and want to stop but never have my camera with me... I'm happy you got the chance to get some shots! Lovely!