Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today is JRR Tolkien's birthday, hooray! The doll above has been on my "want" list for awhile now. He was made by Debbie Ritter, who specializes in various character dolls. I primarily collect 70s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit items, but I love fan art as well and toy figures from the more recent movies. There is a special place in my heart for the 70s Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit movie and the 70s Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings. I know many people think Bakshi's effort is a choppy mess of a movie, but I like its magical, almost hallucinatory quality. Dear viewers, I still have not seen the new Hobbit movie! Gotta wait until the crowds thin out---not a crowds person :) Someday in the future I will share some of my more interesting vintage Tolkien finds.


  1. Tilda, I wish you a magic new year! id on´t see the movie,but i hope it will be great...

    1. Thank you Karumina! Best wishes to you for the new year, and keep on drawing your wonderful pictures :)