Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Stoic Gnome  Tea With The Squirrels 2013

Two weeks of fog! A temperature inversion has caused a dense, gray mist to hang endlessly over the valley. I have begun to feel like the fellow above---grim and stoic. I've escaped the fog a few times (see previous two posts) but its always still here when I get back.

I was on my daily route yesterday when I came across these guys, coming out of the mist:

They were running across the street (hence the blurry picture). This is a flock of wild turkeys that frequents the hilly parts of the city.

You don't want to get too close to them. Turkeys can be fairly aggressive. Many people consider them a nuisance but I think they are rather majestic. Of course, I don't have them on MY lawn, and maybe I would feel differently if I did :) Technically, they are not wild so much as "feral". I have mentioned this before, but I will again: if you are at all interested in birds, wildlife or even spirituality, see "My Life As A Turkey" which is a documentary about a biologist who spent a life-changing year as a mother to a flock of wild turkeys.

Well, it did rain a little today so maybe the fog will finally lift. Then maybe my "mood inversion" will lift with it :)


  1. Tilda, I adore your blog, your photos and your writing style! I just discover you from Bella's list and I will be stopping by and commenting often.
    Have a great weekend, Ofelia

  2. Thank you so much, Ofelia. Isn't Bella great? I love the blogroll, what a great idea! I am coming over to take a look at your blog now :)