Saturday, January 5, 2013

I awoke a few days ago to a frosty world.

frost on my sage plants

 Looking out my window in the very early morning, I caught a flash of ruddy color through the freezing fog. A small flock of robins had descended on my bushes, presumably looking for a breakfast of insects.

via OSU Extension Service

I find these months after the holidays the hardest to bear--Jan, Feb and March seem so long and often so dreary. Our winters are usually grey and rainy with not much snow. I am planning a snow camping trip to the Cascades to break up the monotony and have started sewing my owl dolls again.

"looking hard for/ moments of shine/ from twilight /to twilight" Aurora Bjork

I do love snow and cross country skiing and I like being able to bundle up in the armor of coats, scarves and tights. But my favorite seasons are the ones with the equinoxes---autumn and spring. So, by the end of February I am often madly dreaming of what vegetables I am going to plant in my garden, how I am going to decorate my "outdoor rooms", and where I am going to go for my yearly week-long hike.

And I guess that is the beautiful thing about winter---the dreaming :)

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