Friday, November 23, 2012

Celestial Cookies

woven celestial throw

One of my many collecting areas is mid-90s Celestial.

celestial coffee tins
 I recently found, at the Salvation Army thrift store, a 1995 Celestial Brown Bag Cookie Stamp:

 I have never tried cookie stamps before so I decided to give it a whirl and make stamped cookies for dessert. Boy did they turn out good!!!

I used the recipe right off the Brown Bag Cookie Stamp tag for their chocolate sugar cookies. Here is the link to that recipe. I put my own twist on this process by making two separate batches of the recipe, one with cocoa powder and one without. I then twisted the two balls of dough together to get the half and half look you see above. Gives the cookies a unique, dramatic look! I think more stamped cookies are in my future and a new collecting category has now opened up for me, sigh :) You can find vintage Brown Bag stamps on Etsy and Ebay----and you can find their current designs here.

Isn't the platter I put them on adorable? I found it at Goodwill, but clearly this piece was made and decorated by cutting out clay pieces with Christmas cookies cutters. Great idea!