Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The toile pumpkin

I love white pumpkins. Often I will just display them as they are---they are kind of hard to carve, having a tougher skin than your typical orange pumpkin. This year I decided to decoupage one and see how it turned out.

I got some great toile tissue paper (I bought mine from uline, but you can only buy it in bulk there),
and some Matte Paper Mod Podge. I cut out the images I liked from the tissue paper and podged them onto the pumpkin. The tissue paper is not white, its more of a light beige-y tan, so you can kind of see the edges of where I cut the paper. Tearing the paper gives a more fuzzy edge, but sometimes its hard not to tear into the design. Nonetheless, I am satisfied with the outcome:

It almost looks like a tattooed pumpkin, haha! I wonder if anyone has ever gotten "toile" tattoos?
I'll have to look that up. At any rate, my next pumpkin design is the "caged pumpkin". Stay tuned!

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