Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello October! The nights are getting very chilly although we still have sunny days. I haven't quite figured out what my Halloween costume will be this year---usually, I already know by now! (Halloween is my favorite holiday). I've gotten out a lot of my decorations and costume stuff and have been playing around, getting into the mood. I tried to get my cat in on the fun:

But as you can see, she wouldn't hold still for me (but she looks a bit ghostly, no?)

After a little digital magic I came up with this haunted cat picture:

And here she is a bit later, refusing to look at me, haha!!!

 I like costumes with an old-fashioned flavor, and I love paper crepe! Victorian Trading Company carries some great masks and headbands, as well as full costumes:

That skull headband is a favorite :)  I like to start with a piece like this and then build my own costume off of it with stuff I already have (and since I have been collecting for awhile, there is a lot to work with!)

Here are a few masks from my collection. The vintage owl mask was a stupendous find at a thrift shop for 59 cents! The woven raffia one is maybe a Mexican or South American mask. It is creepy in its own way :)

This Dia De Los Muertos style mask was a purchase from Etsy. The cat skeleton painting on the forehead sold me, haha! You can find her work at MasqueFaire. What costumes are you planning for Halloween?


  1. We don’t have the tradition of Halloween in Japan, however, confectionary makers make it business to sell pumpkin pies and the likes. Your cat is lovely, sulky from being tired as a model. Your collection of masks looks scary but artistic.

  2. I would love to try Japanese pumpkin pies! I love the Japanese confections that I have tried---someday I will visit Japan and sample them there!