Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Wind in the Willows

I have been obsessed with "The Wind in the Willows"  ever since I got a copy of the book  passed down to me by my Dad. This particular 1966 printing was illustrated by Dick Cuffari and it started a life-long penchant for fairy tale animals wearing clothes :)  A drawing of a cat wearing a suit? I want that! A fox in a waistcoat  (hello Fabulous Mr Fox)? Give it to me, haha!

Mr Badger was always my favorite and I recently was delighted to find this guy:

He is one of a series of 80s beanie-type characters. They come up infrequently so when Mr Badger appeared, I grabbed him!

Now, many of you may be aware of this series, but I had no idea about the English stop-motion Wind in the Willows TV show that was on in the 80s. I do not remember watching it as a child. I remember hand-drawn animated versions, I believe there was one by Rankin Bass, but I was completely unaware of the Cosgrove Hall version until last year! How could I have missed it? Oh, how magical!! How fantastic! I watched a bunch of them on Netflix and then stalked Ebay until I could get the first series on DVD. There are some 52 episodes in all, and many are stories about the characters written by different people, such as Rosemary Sisson (who wrote for Upstairs/Downstairs).

Not only is this show utterly charming, it has the most beautiful intro music:

Here is to frogs in waistcoats and badgers in tweed! :)

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