Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm sorry, I can't hear you---there is a gnome stuck in my ear:

I about freaked out when I found these ear buds. You can walk around with your silver, oversized headphones. I'll stick a mushroom in my ear!

And yes, that is a Walkman! Well, it was the Sanyo version of a Walkman. It was the height of coolness because it had AUTO REVERSE. So you didn't have to take your cassette tape out and turn it over. I still use it.

I also still use my Discman, haha!!

AND, my Sony "PSYC" boombox!

No, I don't have a record player anymore (but I still have records!!) And I never had an 8-track.

You see, I may be one of the only people on the planet who has yet to get an iPod or MP3 (or maybe its "4" now)  player of some kind. I realize I will have to come around sooner or later. I need to organize all of my Weird Al Yankovic songs onto a small, portable device :) So the day will probably come when I will need to put 200 specially picked Weird Al songs on an MP3. There is only so much space on a mix tape, after all.

Until then, I will happily live with my near-obsolete technologies of the past.

image via The Graphics Fairy LLC


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  1. Los auriculares son una pasada!!!
    Ah! yo también sigo usando las cintas de cassette...