Sunday, August 19, 2012


Blackberry season is in full swing and I have a ton of them! My gardening style, dear viewers, is what I like to call "half-wild", and I have allowed a blackberry bush to grow in my yard.  If you purchase blackberries at the market you can expect to pay a couple of dollars per pint---and picking them by the roadside is dicey because of spraying and pollution. Such are my reasons for allowing a bush to exist in my yard.

At any rate, I have already made a delicious treat with these berries called "Blackberry Rose Ice Pops".

You can find the recipe on the Country Living Magazine website here. My picture is not doing justice to the treat (the Country Living picture is much better!)---it is much more tasty than I have made it look and the hint of rose gives it an extra special twist.

Aren"t these earrings adorable?



It is County Fair season and one thing I get obsessed with this time of year is caramel apples.  At our fair there is usually a deluxe caramel apple booth (not the standard caramel apples you find all over the midway)
that sells an amazing treat---a caramel apple that is then dipped in chocolate and finally rolled in Oreo cookies. Ridiculously good! Unfortunately, the booth was not at our fair this year! Oh, the disappointment!
I went looking around Etsy and found a new shop that sells a similar, delicious-looking apple:


I may not have gotten my deluxe caramel apple last night but I had the great fortune to see Weird Al Yankovic play at our county fair. Man, he puts on a good show! The guy is 52 and he has more energy than I can ever muster. And he has been doing this for decades! He had a large movie screen behind him playing clips from ALTV, his music videos, and other Al-related stuff. If you haven't seen his mock interview on ALTV with Eminem, well, put that on your to-do list :) My husband is a huge Weird Al fan, since back in the UHF days, and he doesn't know it (unless he reads this of course) but he is getting this for his birthday:

Weird Al Merch

A reminder about August----we will have a "Blue Moon" on August 31st! This means that August will contain two full moons. Happy Blue Moon!

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  1. Oh! son preciosos los pendientes "moras" de la tazita!!!
    y ¡qué bueno un video de Weird Al Merch en el que parodia a varios cantantes... ja ja ja , yo no le conocía pero la entrevista que recomiendas no la puedo seguir porque mi inglés es "limitado"...
    Gracias por recordar lo de la Gran Luna de Agosto!!!