Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm sorry, I can't hear you---there is a gnome stuck in my ear:

I about freaked out when I found these ear buds. You can walk around with your silver, oversized headphones. I'll stick a mushroom in my ear!

And yes, that is a Walkman! Well, it was the Sanyo version of a Walkman. It was the height of coolness because it had AUTO REVERSE. So you didn't have to take your cassette tape out and turn it over. I still use it.

I also still use my Discman, haha!!

AND, my Sony "PSYC" boombox!

No, I don't have a record player anymore (but I still have records!!) And I never had an 8-track.

You see, I may be one of the only people on the planet who has yet to get an iPod or MP3 (or maybe its "4" now)  player of some kind. I realize I will have to come around sooner or later. I need to organize all of my Weird Al Yankovic songs onto a small, portable device :) So the day will probably come when I will need to put 200 specially picked Weird Al songs on an MP3. There is only so much space on a mix tape, after all.

Until then, I will happily live with my near-obsolete technologies of the past.

image via The Graphics Fairy LLC


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Wind in the Willows

I have been obsessed with "The Wind in the Willows"  ever since I got a copy of the book  passed down to me by my Dad. This particular 1966 printing was illustrated by Dick Cuffari and it started a life-long penchant for fairy tale animals wearing clothes :)  A drawing of a cat wearing a suit? I want that! A fox in a waistcoat  (hello Fabulous Mr Fox)? Give it to me, haha!

Mr Badger was always my favorite and I recently was delighted to find this guy:

He is one of a series of 80s beanie-type characters. They come up infrequently so when Mr Badger appeared, I grabbed him!

Now, many of you may be aware of this series, but I had no idea about the English stop-motion Wind in the Willows TV show that was on in the 80s. I do not remember watching it as a child. I remember hand-drawn animated versions, I believe there was one by Rankin Bass, but I was completely unaware of the Cosgrove Hall version until last year! How could I have missed it? Oh, how magical!! How fantastic! I watched a bunch of them on Netflix and then stalked Ebay until I could get the first series on DVD. There are some 52 episodes in all, and many are stories about the characters written by different people, such as Rosemary Sisson (who wrote for Upstairs/Downstairs).

Not only is this show utterly charming, it has the most beautiful intro music:

Here is to frogs in waistcoats and badgers in tweed! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Blackberry season is in full swing and I have a ton of them! My gardening style, dear viewers, is what I like to call "half-wild", and I have allowed a blackberry bush to grow in my yard.  If you purchase blackberries at the market you can expect to pay a couple of dollars per pint---and picking them by the roadside is dicey because of spraying and pollution. Such are my reasons for allowing a bush to exist in my yard.

At any rate, I have already made a delicious treat with these berries called "Blackberry Rose Ice Pops".

You can find the recipe on the Country Living Magazine website here. My picture is not doing justice to the treat (the Country Living picture is much better!)---it is much more tasty than I have made it look and the hint of rose gives it an extra special twist.

Aren"t these earrings adorable?



It is County Fair season and one thing I get obsessed with this time of year is caramel apples.  At our fair there is usually a deluxe caramel apple booth (not the standard caramel apples you find all over the midway)
that sells an amazing treat---a caramel apple that is then dipped in chocolate and finally rolled in Oreo cookies. Ridiculously good! Unfortunately, the booth was not at our fair this year! Oh, the disappointment!
I went looking around Etsy and found a new shop that sells a similar, delicious-looking apple:


I may not have gotten my deluxe caramel apple last night but I had the great fortune to see Weird Al Yankovic play at our county fair. Man, he puts on a good show! The guy is 52 and he has more energy than I can ever muster. And he has been doing this for decades! He had a large movie screen behind him playing clips from ALTV, his music videos, and other Al-related stuff. If you haven't seen his mock interview on ALTV with Eminem, well, put that on your to-do list :) My husband is a huge Weird Al fan, since back in the UHF days, and he doesn't know it (unless he reads this of course) but he is getting this for his birthday:

Weird Al Merch

A reminder about August----we will have a "Blue Moon" on August 31st! This means that August will contain two full moons. Happy Blue Moon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Hello again! It has been so hot here I haven't even wanted to get on the computer or do anything except relax on my lounger after work with an iced lavender tea and a book (just finished "The Lantern" by Deborah Lawrenson. What a spectacular book! Part ghost story/murder mystery/romance set in Provence, France). Anyways, I did find the strength to visit the Florence Humane Society Thrift Store and I found the most awesome clock! I am an admirer of all things vintage kitsch, especially woodland themed, and this 70s clock fits the bill. Its huge!

 I immediately took down the boring kitchen clock I have had up for 3 years or so and put this in its place :)     I hope there are some of you out there who also appreciate such masterpieces---any other "kitsch connoisseurs"?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

                                                          Rustic Stone Jewelry
                     I love the trend of using river and beach rocks in jewelry.  I've never been much for precious stones (diamonds? just a lot of hype!) and I love the unexpectedness of a plain, smooth pebble starring as the focal point of a piece of jewelry.