Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Tree People
 Another adventure at the 2012 Oregon Country Fair! For those of you who don't know, this is a huge 3 day event that takes place on a wooded property in Veneta Oregon. There are multiple music stages throughout, constant parades, vaudeville, puppet shows, speakers on various topics, outrageous costumes and a full compliment of artists and crafters. This event has been going on for some 40 years.

This year saw the addition of a massive metal and glass Rainbow Bridge Mayan Calendar. It rotates and lights up! The crescent holder is based on the Fibonacci sequence.
The Mayan calendar at night!

The amazing multiple hula hoop lady!
A dragon made of vines.
It is big enough to get inside!

Preparing for the parade

The daily marching band parade

A large crow sculpture that tops a recycling center.
These delightful folks were dressed as dandelions! Their bicycle helmet dandelion puff headdresses are especially creative!
 My favorite thing about the Fair is all of the great costumes people come up with. You never know what you are going to see. Some people come dressed in the same costume each year and become a Fair institution--others do a one-time costume.
This lovely lady was participating in "Lime Green Day". She is the Lime Green Fairy!
 Some times it is the small things that make the Fair. I happened upon this refurbished gumball machine that dispensed "cat fortunes". I got one every day! I did not get the name of the artist who created this but she has a wonderful booth full of awesome needle felted animals. I can track her down through the Fair directory and I will give her name when I find it.

My fabulous cat fortune!

This gentleman was about to do something with this amazing "Jack Skellington" style puppet. I had to leave so I never saw what it was, but the costume is impressive!!
 The Fair is filled with performances that happen at night after the general public has gone home. These shows are for all of the workers and volunteers who camp at the Fair and are integral to making the Fair work---security, parking monitors, information, medical, cleanup and all the people in the booths. This is a massive event attended by tens of thousands of people and it takes thousands of people to make it work.

This is a terribly blurry picture, but it is Lafa Taylor at the Blue Moon stage. You can't see it, but the electricity for this stage is being generated by 5 people on stationary bikes!!! Please check out Lafa Taylor here .
Here is a really short video (in which you can't see anything, sorry) of the Ginger Ninjas at the Blue Moon Stage. I still don't have a handle on the video feature of my camera :) This band tours by bicycle!! They haul all of their gear in bike trailers. See their website here . And here is a video for their song "Dick Cheney" which they played at the Fair:

The Fair is so massive and so full of things going on at all times that I can never give you a full accounting of everything that it is. This is just a tiny tiny piece----hope you enjoyed it!
A dragon bench. Fair thee well!!


  1. Mucho mucho... me ha encantado, es muy interesante y divertido!
    Me recuerda al Señor de los anillos, a los druidas, a los bosques encantados con hadas... y lleno de gente con muy buen rollo... mágico!
    Qué sitios y cosas tan interesantes visitas, además de tus fotos que son muy chulas. El gran cuervo y el dragón gigante en el que puedes entrar... me han encantado, y las luces de la noche!!!

  2. Tee hee Cat Fortunes! How darling is that?! What an amazing event! When we lived in Oregon we always hula hooped! They had them at concerts and even night clubs! I miss that! No one hula hoops with me back here... haha Glad you had such a marvelous time! Sorry you miss the Jack Skeleton performance. I bet that was so cool!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa