Monday, July 23, 2012

Ditching the dryer!
When summer comes, I always hang my clothes outside to dry. I just can't run the dryer when there is free heat outside! Clothes dryers are one of the biggest electric-sucking devices in a home and consequently can cost lots of $$ to run. Besides, there is something romantic about clothes on a line. I hear that there are parts of the country that ban clothesline drying because it "looks bad". This makes me sad. Everyone should have the right to dry!

 I tend to keep things around even if their original purpose has been outlived because I figure I will find a use for it eventually. I was keeping around a couple of patio umbrellas that had developed some large holes. Then it hit me---I could make them into clothes dryers! I simply stripped the fabric off of the umbrella, bent up the ends of the spokes a bit and waaaalaaaa! A perfectly serviceable dryer! You can use clothespins, or hangers, as I do here, or simply drape the clothing over an arm (best when its not windy).
 If you are very tall, watch out for the ends of the spokes---eye poking hazard! That is why it is good to bend the ends up. I mention this because my hubby is 6' 4" and I felt like there were some times he was in danger of being poked :) Its harder to notice the ends of the spokes when they don't have umbrella attached to them.
Also, if you have black clothes you might want to dry those items on a rack in a protected area outside where the sun won't beat down on them directly---those UV rays will fade the black. Colors can be dried inside-out for more protection. If you are drying whites, like I am in the above pictures, you will find that the sun will help bleach them out. 
Here are some other laundry-themed items I found on Etsy and elsewhere:
lovely laundry sign from thebackporchshoppe
vintage collapsible wire laundry hamper from bisforbella

sweet child's hamper from ShabbyNChic
lovely linen laundry bag from therobinandsparrow
clothespins from prWhimsy
handmade laundry detergent from bksoapco

old-fashioned (but new) crank clothesline from victoriantradingcompany
You can find a simple recipe to make your own laundry detergent here from Living on the Cheap.
And finally, check out this article from the Spokesman-Review which gives some good advice on how best to dry your laundry outside.


  1. I envy you because I would like to dry my clothes outside too but unfortunately I don't have a garden yet TT Someday I hope!

  2. I was just thinking today that people in apartments or who don't have yards can't really dry their clothing outside---I guess I am lucky! I hope you have a garden to dry your clothes in someday :)