Monday, July 2, 2012

The brief strawberry season is here and we decided to take advantage of it by going to a U pick farm.               

a curious goat!   

After we picked our bucket of strawberries at the farm we headed to the river. This park has a number of large hollowed-out oak trees, with enough room for a person to get inside. I have always been fascinated with such trees, they remind me of that classic children's book "My Side of the Mountain", about a boy who is living on his own in the wilderness. As I recall, he makes a home in a similar hollowed out tree.
view upwards from inside the tree
The river was in fine form although it is running rather high from all of the rain we have had

I love river rocks!
A cairn that someone built.
riverside daisies

The 97% full moon :)   This moon in July is called the "Full Buck Moon" or the "Thunder Moon".

 A splendid day! It is my intention to get out of the house and have such days more often. Next week we will be visiting a lavender farm and I'm sure I will have great pics to share from that trip.


  1. Haces unas fotos preciosas!!!

    1. Gracias karumina, estoy tan contenta de que los están disfrutando!

  2. Wow you were not joking! You found a whole bunch of delicious berries at the farm! They look so good and fresh too!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog