Sunday, July 29, 2012

A walk in the woods.

Yesterday was spent on a ramble in the woods just outside the city. We are lucky here that a short drive will get you out into the country fast and there are myriad places to hike. We came upon this lovely little creek that gurgled happily through the trees.

We stopped to admire these fabulous strands of lichen hanging off the trees. They looked like the curtains of a fairy bower.

We came across this old oak in the middle of a meadow that had numerous bunches of mistletoe adorning its crown.

The meadows were covered in pennyroyal, much of it in flower, and queen anne's lace. I found them delightful decorations for my trusty straw hat. There was a ridiculous amount of poison oak out there too--hopefully none of that came home with me :)

An assortment of feathers I found on the hike. I think they are from a hawk, a turkey and a stellar's jay.
I realized that I need to do a little more hike training (there was some huffing and puffing on this trip!) so I will be walking some up hills this coming month to get in better condition for a Pacific Crest Trail trip that we are going to take soon. Happy trails!


  1. Beautiful pictures. You have a very nice blog.

    Hugs from Sweden

  2. Thank you Elna---I love your cat!

  3. Has puesto el fondo nuevo, verdad?... la corteza del árbol!!!
    Venir a tu página es como encontrar a un druida en pleno siglo xxi, algo mágico!