Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tiny mother of pearl button earrings
I've been getting into tiny stud earrings lately. There is something about the smallness and simplicity, a reaction perhaps to all the big boho hoops and super-gauged ears, that is attractive right now. While removing the little shell buttons from a worn blouse, I realized they would make cute earrings. Great new idea, I thought! Well, a search of the internet showed that a lot of people have had that idea---nothing like the 'net to humble you when you think you have a new idea :)  Anyways, I thought I'd share the super simple process that I used to make mine.

You'll need:
 *Earring posts and backs. Ideally, the pad on the post will be a bit smaller than the buttons you will be using.   I used 6mm backs here and the buttons are about 8 mm

  I acquired some high quality stainless steel posts from shopgeorgiamiss here.

  I joined the buttons to the posts with some excellent craft glue (Bob Smith Industries Insta-Cure Cyanocrylic) that I purchased from a local hobby shop that specializes in models and toy trains. You can search for dealers of this glue in your area here. Or you can get it on Amazon here.

Now, you don't need to glop this glue on. It dries fairly quickly and you'll risk getting unsightly lumps of it on parts of the earring that you don't want it on. A small amount will do. Plus, don't get this on your clothes 'cause its not coming out. And, naturally, be careful of getting it on your hands or in your eyes. 

Waaalaaa!! Couldn't be simpler. I always let stuff dry overnight for maximum curing before I use it.

 Now, just think of all the different pairs of cute earrings you can make raiding your sewing stash ( or your mom or grandma's, heehee) .Also, if you are the thrifting type, be aware of the buttons that are on clothes. If the garment doesn't fit or isn't your style, are the buttons good? Strip the buttons and pass the garment on to one of your seamstress friends (or, repurpose the garment yourself, if you are into that). I don't generally recommend stripping buttons off of precious vintage garments unless the piece is beyond repair. But you can find many modern thrift store clothes with suitable buttons on them. And many thrifts and flea markets will sell bags or jars of buttons. If you want to use new buttons, well, there are a ton of cute ones out there. A recent trip to a JoAnn's fabric store revealed racks of great buttons in all kinds of materials. With buttons in hand,  you will see how easy it is to make an entire wardrobe of earrings in an afternoon!

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