Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Tea Time!! I am very fond of tea and tea-related things. I love vintage tea cups and creative tea-themed items. Here I share some wonderful finds in what will become a regular feature of this blog:
MTwear via here. I love this because my husband and I say this all the time :)

Layla Amber via  here. So cute! And her own artwork.

thistleandjug  to light the parlour

couldn't be cuter!  littlecasaroo

sugarandvicedesigns beautiful blue acrylic hair pins

for all you geminis out there, heehee  BurkeHareCo

vintage silhouette cup here

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  1. Hola, yo soy más de café pero las tazas y todo su mundo... van de la mano de los cuentos e historias románticas y fantásticas... me encanta soñar despierta!!
    Las tazas de Jeckill y Hyde... son muy divertidas, me encantan... y la lámpara... super super ingeniosa!!