Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rambling the Hobbit Trail

 I recently took a 3 day trip down the Oregon coast. This lovely path winds through the coastal forest and connects to the beach. I spent a couple of days making my way down the coast and stopping wherever I felt like it. Such a sense of freedom! So many great places to explore!
lovely moss-laden trees in the picnic area

 It really IS called "The Hobbit Trail"! This picture is from an information kiosk in a wayside park. For decades there was a large wooden sign just off the highway that said "Hobbit Trail"  but around the time that the Lord of the Rings movies came out, some jackass stole the sign. The state never did replace it (actually they replaced it with a sign that now says "Valley Trail:). They probably figured it would get stolen again if they put "Hobbit" on it.
This is the grand Proposal Rock in Neskowin, Oregon.  It is quite large, has a little forest on top, and is accessible at lower tides. I am completely enchanted by it. There is a trail leading to the top and I attempted to climb it but it was very steep and slippery (my Converse shoes were not the right choice for the attempt) so I only made it half way.

Side "window" on Proposal Rock.

                                  These fascinating rocks are actually the remains of a petrified forest.

a whole bunch of tiny jellyfish that washed up in the tide line

  This fellow swooped down to hunt for food in the surf. He modeled for quite some time for me and two other people who happened to be there. A heron, I believe. It was funny to see the three of us with our cameras snapping away, as if we were all in some official photo shoot. These pics came out pretty good considering it was misty and he kept running around :)

                                      Being the thrift store fanatic that I am, I stopped at
                                      several along my way.  This jolly fellow came
                                      from the Humane Society thrift in Florence:
My new gnome, modeling at Bob Creek Wayside

                                                     All in all a very satisfying trip!!!


  1. Qué sitio tan onírico... y la garza o grulla... es como un sueño... con toda esa niebla!!!
    Me encanta!

  2. Sí, es hermoso ¿no? Me alegro de que disfruten de estas fotos :)