Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am a little obsessed with antique tintypes. Apparently, they have nothing to do with "tin", they are actually printed on thin sheets of iron. Here is one I picked up recently for a couple of bucks:

I love the atmospheric backgrounds they used to pose people in front of. I wonder if any of those props are still in existence? It would be fun to use them in photo shoots now. This particular tintype is a little mysterious as it has been cut off. You can just barely see a bit of a dress on the left side.
Here is the back of the tintype.

I've seen people make wonderful jewelry using these old tintypes. It might be fun to cut this piece into a more pleasing shape, drill a couple of holes in it and make a pendant out of it. I will share the process here in the future :)

Saw Mark Lanegan last night on the final show of the tour. The guy is still making blow-you-away music after all these years! And he had a great band backing him  He opened with "Gravedigger's Song:".

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