Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Science Fantasy Costumes

I came across an installation of Barbara MacCallum's science paper costumes/dresses/sculptures while on a trip to see an entirely different exhibit. Barbara's installation turned out to be my favorite display in the entire museum. She uses her physicist husband's science papers to make ethereal, floating "dresses". The juxtaposition between the papers concerned with "hard science" and the fantastical nature of the costumes she has created out of those papers is very thought provoking..

This one is motorized and turns so you can see every angle:

I've long been fascinated by paper and it's use in clothing. There was a brief period in the 60s where disposable paper dresses were popular. These days you can buy summer "straw" hats in a variety of stores that are made mostly of paper, and there are a lot of paper jewelry artists out there. I myself made a dress entirely out of paper and rose petals for a spring festival and plan to make a series of paper dresses in the future. It was a great treat to come across this exhibit and see how this particular artist used paper to her advantage.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thrift Store Therapy----Leaf Plates and Thanksgiving with the Squirrels and Others

I decided this year I wanted to make a Thanksgiving feast for the squirrels that come up on my porch. I found these cute plastic leaf plates at the local Salvation Army thrift (50 cents!) and thought they would be perfect. I filled them with pistachios, walnuts, acorns, pumpkin seeds and a few cheese puffs I had leftover from the snack tray.

I didn't get the stuff out until 4pm. Later, I decided to check on the plates and see if I had any takers and....

This guy showed up! He seemed super happy with the feast, and I am not prejudiced against possums, so I let him eat his fill. It was Thanksgiving, after all. This morning I set out some more nuts in the dishes, then just as I was leaving, the squirrel started coming up on the porch. I didn't get a picture, though, because I screamed "the squirrel is here!!!" and he ran off. When I got back from doing some errands, though, all the nuts were gone.

Here is the squirrel at Halloween---he carved my pumpkins for me, I'm not kidding. It's why I put out a feast for him :)

There have been some concerns that I am going to attract the attentions of raccoons and rats as well. I am not prejudiced against those guys either and would happily serve them Thanksgiving dinner too,  but the other more sensible people who live in this house are less enthusiastic about it, so the buffet will be ending here---until Christmas when I plan a more extensive feast including traditional bird seed treats for the feathered denizens of the 'hood.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Thrift Store Therapy---Fairy Tale Purse

Well. So much craziness in the world. So much, that I feel kinda bad posting about a purse I found at Goodwill, but here we go...

This purse caught my eye at a Goodwill in the next town over. The red roses remind me, of course, of fairy tales!

I've mentioned before that my thriftdar has been honed to the point that I can often tell a quality item from across the store, and this purse turned out to be no exception. Getting it home, I looked up the name emblazoned on the zipper,,,Berge, an Italian purse maker.

A deal at 6.00! 

I hope you are all well. The entire Pacific Northwest has essentially been on fire. For awhile, my main fashion accessory was a fine particulate face mask---the smoke was that bad. That said, we haven't had to evacuate. What a summer....