Thursday, April 19, 2018

Replacing the Landscape Blocked by Billboards---Using Billboards!

Came across this wonderful art project recently at Collective Evolution:

credit: Jennifer Bolande
I'm been a fan of Ron English, who long has used billboards as a canvas for social commentary, sometimes doing his projects in a guerilla art fashion. Jennifer Bolande's project, however, strikes at the heart of the encroachment of advertising and visual desecration in a very simple and direct way. The DesertX website says: Within the desert empire of roadside signs, Bolande chooses to advertise the very thing so often overlooked. Looking up at the billboards our attention is drawn back to the landscape itself, pictured here as a stuttering kinesthetic of real and artificial horizons. 

This brings up for me, another thing I have long thought about, our need to have artificial representations of real things. I get this feeling when I am looking through catalogs of figurines and such that depict flowers, or elephants, or birds, or what-have-you. We seem to need these things in our often sterile home or work environments, but oftentimes, the real things are just outside the door---overlooked and unappreciated in their realness. And even if we don't have them just outside our door (elephants, for example, unless you live near one of their habitats) they are still around (at least for now)...but somehow a resin elephant figurine can stand in for them in our minds and then we don't have to think about real elephants, or the problems they face. Don't get me wrong, my home is full of squirrel and mushroom and rabbit figurines---this is just something I have been contemplating for awhile and this billboard project brought it to the forefront of my overstimulated brain :)

Incidently, Jennifer's project has been taken down and these billboards are no longer being displayed. I don't know the story behind it, a temporary thing I guess, but it is certainly one of the more interesting billboard art projects I have seen.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wear Wacky Socks!!

I am delighted at the kaleidoscope of crazy printed socks out there these days.

I do wear mine under my pants and leggings---but I also feel like such great socks should be shown off, so I wear them with skirts as well. Life is short, the world is grim...wear the dang socks :) Wear them so people can see them. Wear them even though you might be "old". If you like socks with cats on them or badgers at a birthday party or mushrooms or unicorns pooping rainbows (all socks I have seen) then wear them proudly.

Wear some goshdarned squirrel slippers too, while you are at it.

These were a gift from a friend. Love 'em!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Two Full Moons!

Just wanted to remind everyone that March has two full moons! If you missed the one on the 1st there will be another on the 31st. January also had two full moons. You can always check out the full moon names and other moon lore at The Old Farmer's Almanac. The moon names there are based mostly on Native American moon names with some reference to European settler names. Celtic Myth and Moonlight has a chart of full moon names spanning colonial America, to various Native tribes to Medieval England to Neo Pagan terminology.