Friday, January 29, 2016

What To Do With Old Rain Boots

I kept these rain boots even after they had sprung some leaks and recently,  I finally figured out what to do with them. Make 'em into planters! I planted them up with some of my favorite, easy-to-grow flowers, pansies.

You don't need to fill the boot completely with soil, although you can if you want to. I stuffed the foot and about halfway up the boot with wads of sturdy kraft paper, then poured in the planting mix on top of that.  I'm so pleased with this project, I started thinking about going to the thrifts and picking up some more rain boots for planting purposes. Would make a cute Valentines/Spring gift for someone who appreciates whimsical things :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

The King of the Other

Printionary on Etsy
I woke up to the sad news that yet another amazing musician has passed away---David Bowie. Not long ago I was talking with someone about how Bowie was such an inspiration because he kept working creatively into his later years, just recently putting out a new album, "Black Star". Dark and moody, "Black Star" echoes a bit for me one of my favorite Bowie albums, 1977s "Low". It seems now that "Black Star" was a final gift from Bowie, and, though we can't second-guess the motivations and meanings in his songs on this album, it wouldn't be out of place to imagine that the diagnosis of cancer had an effect. Goodbye to a man who had such a wide-ranging influence on music, culture and fashion and whose character of Jareth the Goblin King in the movie "Labyrinth" will always be an iconic fantasy figure. In my mind, there is no one working today who can compare to David Bowie---we have lost him, but we have the fruits of his many creative endeavors.
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